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Q: If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay?
A: Yes, when Abby’s contracted time ends, you will have the opportunity to add on more time and will be invoiced the following week.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?
A: Yes, We photograph with all Nikon Professional equipment and have ample backup equipment should we need it.

Q: How many years has Liga Photography been photographing weddings?
A: Abby has been photographing weddings since 2003 and has photographed over 100 weddings.

Q: How long does it take, after our wedding day, to see our images?
A: The editing process takes approximately 4-5 weeks. We will email you with a status update immediately after your wedding as well as when they are ready to view.

Q: Can our guests order prints of images if they want to?
A: Yes, the private online gallery you receive to view all of your images will be where your guests will be able to order prints directly to their door.

Q: Do we get a copy of all of our images from you?
A: Digital copies of your wedding images are included with the purchase of any Japanese Silk or Premium Leather wedding album, or can be purchased separately.

Q: Why do you not automatically include the images in your packages?
A: Quality final presentation of your wedding photographs is something that we hold in the highest light here at Liga Photography. We believe that the images you receive from us should not solely just be something viewed on a computer or tablet, but in conjunction with a lasting, quality wedding album for you and your new spouse to cherish these meaningful memories. If you do not wish to purchase an album, you may opt to buy the images separately.

Q: How does the album design process work?
A: The process is simple, easy, and fun. Once you have viewed your online gallery, we will email you the Next Steps on scheduling your Album Design Consultation as well as provide you with instructions on how to get started. We call it interior design for wedding albums. Each album is custom designed using the highest quality leathers and silks. The result is a stunning album to enjoy for generations to come.

Q: Do we get the RAW, unedited images?
A: You will receive all of the final edited images that are located in your online gallery. We use our editing experience and expertise to edit down the images to a solid body of work. You can expect anywhere between 600-1200 final images based on the amount of time we spend at your wedding. In efforts to protect our creative intent, we do not include any outtakes.

Q: Is Abby the only photographer, or will someone else be photographing my wedding?
A: Abby is always the main photographer when shooting a wedding. She may have a second or third photographer based on the size of your wedding.

Q: Do I need a second photographer?
A: Having a second photographer accompany Abby at your wedding allows for more coverage to be documented and alternative angles. For example, if Abby is shooting the ceremony with a wide angle, then her second photographer will be shooting the ceremony close up. Any wedding with 100 guests and higher will require a second photographer. Second photographers are optional for intimate weddings and may not be necessary. Inquire with us to find out which option is best for you.

Q: Can we give you a list of images we want you to take?
A: Sure, but due to the nature of weddings, we cannot guarantee that every single one will be photographed. Additionally, if Abby is given a large list of must have shots, it will tend to shift her focus on your list instead of documenting moments as they unfold naturally.

Q: What is your photographic style?
A: Abby’s photographic style is editorial with a lifestyle approach. The body of work she produces consists of a mixture of candid moments, relaxed portraits, and lovely details photographed throughout.

Q: What is comprehensive project management?
A: Our goal at Liga Photography is to provide our brides and grooms with an unforgettable experience not only on the wedding day, but for the entire existence of our relationship together. Comprehensive project management encompasses anything and everything you may desire leading up to your wedding and beyond. From periodical status updates and styling advice, to referrals and album design, we strive to ensure your needs are met 100% of the way.

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes, both liability and equipment insurance

Q: Can you hold my wedding date for me?
A: Liga Photography is a boutique studio accepting only 20 weddings a year. Reservations are first come, first serve, therefore, Abby is unable to hold dates without a retainer and signed contract.

Q: If we decide to go with you as a photographer, when should we book you?
A: Couples typically reserve Abbys services 10-16 months in advance. Popular months during the Spring and Fall tend to book up quicker. If youre ready to reserve Liga Photography as your photographer, we advise to act sooner than later.

Q: Do we need to feed you and your staff at the reception?
A: Abby and her team work very hard on wedding day very little to no time to stop and eat. A hot meal is very much appreciated.

Q: Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-saturday weddings?
A: Each wedding reserved with Liga Photography receives equal amounts of project management, photography expertise, and post-production, therefore, no discounts are offered for off-season or non-saturday weddings.