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Wedding 101: The Benefits of the First Look

“Should we or shouldn’t we?” Since this question of first looks comes up quite often with clients, I thought I’d share some my thoughts on the matter. As a photographer, I must say that first looks are a major game changer on the day of your wedding. Here’s why:

 If your wedding takes place in the evening, snapping some photos before the ceremony allows us to take advantage of the delicious lighting before the sun goes down.

Taking photos before the ceremony allows you to spend more time at your wedding, celebrating with everyone you love!

If you have a large wedding party or family, seeing each other before the ceremony helps me get in ALL of the photos and poses you’re hoping for, without the stress of trying to take people away from the party.

It’s a chance for the two of you to have some quiet moments before the ceremony, away from all of the wedding day hustle and bustle.

Some of the most joyous, emotional photos come from first look sessions. Look below for further proof 🙂


First Looks_0007First Looks_0008
First Looks_0003First Looks_0004

First Looks_0001

First Looks_0002

First Looks_0005First Looks_0006




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