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All in the Details: Our Top Ten Favorite Bouquets!

 Here at Liga Photography, we have a MAJOR floral obsession. It’s amazing how much the perfect florals will enhance your wedding aesthetic. After all, the bouquet is the final wedding accessory, thus completing the bridal ensemble. I wanted to share with you guys  some of my favorite bouquets from the decade’s worth of weddings I’ve photographed. From simple and classic white to bustling and bright, my brides showcased a wide variety of fabulous floral possibilities!  You are guaranteed to swoon!!


A very special thank you to the following florists for their AMAZING work:

Lee Forrest


Petals By Design

Flowers by Fudgie

Wellington Florist

Greenery Productions

Blossoms Arrangements of Distinction

The Enchanted Florist

Wedding Bouquets_0002Wedding Bouquets_0003Wedding Bouquets_0006Wedding Bouquets_0007Wedding Bouquets_0008

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