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The Confidential Workshop – The Low Down…

Image by Kristen Weaver

Wow! Last week was amazing! After announcing the launch of The Confidential and revealing the teaser video by Jeffrey Stoner, we’ve gotten a great response! Many of you are inquiring and asking what’s the deal with The Confidential and how is it different from all the other workshops out there? Well, I will tell you, The Confidential has been an idea that I’ve had for years. After attending my fair share of workshops and seminars, while I did leave with valuable knowledge and  great experiences, one thing that I left wanting is the opportunity to review some of the images I photographed at the workshop. I remember my school days at The Savannah College of Art and Design and putting my images up every Friday in front of the entire classroom to be critiqued. While, for many of you, this may seem scary, and I assure you, I never LOVED “critique day” either, but what it DID do was provide me a sense of why I shoot the way I shoot. Which in turn, has catapulted me into believing in my work, myself, my eye, and ultimately becoming a more confident artist.


The Confidential will provide you the opportunity to shoot, edit, present, and discuss amongst your peers giving you insight into who you are as a photographer. In addition to the challenging photo shoots, The Confidential is also about gaining more confidence in your business practices. During the 3 day workshop, we will examine the key elements of favorable business practices in areas such as branding, marketing and client-vendor relationships, complete with industry professional speakers. We will help you determine where your weakness and strengths are, and help guide you to developing your unique style as well as strengthening your position in the market place. I am spotlighting two amazing and talented friends of mine, wedding planner extraordinarre Lisa Stoner of E-Events, and master branding and marketing / invitation designer, Amy Morelli of The 2u Collection and 2u Creative. They will be speaking about Branding, Vendor Relations, Social Media, and much more to share their experiences and help guide you to put your best self out into the market place. Workshop dates are October 14-17th in Orlando. Check back June 1st for the launch of The Confidential website filled with details on location, and other important details. In the mean time, check out the great teaser video Jeffrey Stoner did to learn more about The Confidential and be sure to “LIKE” The Confidential Facebook page to get updates on important info and news!

xoxo – Abby

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