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Simply True Love…The wedding story of Lilly and Jason – June 20th – Orlando, FL

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday…Summer is officially over and Fall is here.. and before time passes any further, I couldn’t forget to blog about one of my favorite couples, Lilly and Jason. Their wedding was held this past June here in Orlando. I cannot say enough about how simply sweet these two are and how perfect they really are for each other. Lilly is graceful and elegantly reserved and Jason is full of humor and amazing energy. Both of their personalities fit perfectly and I am so happy and honored to have had the opportunity to not only photograph their wedding and engagement portrait, but to just overall get to know these two lovely people. Their wedding was full of so much love and meaning, and family and friends. I received a thank you card yesterday from them and I wanted to share it with you all… Thank you Lilly and Jason for the kind words, you have truly made my week and moreover reminded me of how much I love my profession…. xoxo – Abby     A special thanks to Zekeshem Parsons for assisting in capturing all of their special moments.

Dear Abby,

Photography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding experience.

So when we started wedding planning, you were the first vendor we secured.

Everyday we are reminded of how great a first decision that was…

From our engagement session to our wedding day, you have captured everything

that makes our relationship and our wedding day so special.

More than that, you have done it all with grace and kindness.

We were truly honored that you were our photographer. Thank you for being

such an important part of our lives this past year. We know you will

achieve even more success in the future, and we can’t wait to see it.

We’ll be cheering you on!

Love & Blessings,
Lilly and Jason Hines

Meet the adorable Jason…

Enter Lilly….

Jason patiently waiting for Lilly…


her hand on his cheek….

…one of my favorite images…as I feel it best sums up their relationship…

rain didn’t stop us from getting beautiful portraits…I feel it added to the romance of their day…

again, loving their laughter…

Lilly’s bridesmaids…

…and the guys….



their first dance…

so graceful.

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  • Lilly Archer Hines - Thank you Abby!! This is so beautiful..I’m tearing up! You are the best!

  • Jeanelle L. A. - Oh gorm Lills!!!
    Watching these photo had me smilin’ like ah plunks! My one regret is that Abby & Co. (Liga Photog) don’t work in Trinbago!!! Ah vex yes! lol
    Luv lots cuzzy!

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