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Repost: “New York Confidential” The Gramercy Park Hotel – New York, NY – February 2010

“New York Confidential” – The Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC

It was literally a week prior to our trip when Lisa with E-Events contacted me about her couple, (who’s names shall remain undisclosed), wanting to get married in New York City in one week!! With their big day happening in Summer 2011, the bride and groom decided that they didn’t want to wait over a year to exchange vows, and wanted to get married in a secret ceremony at The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. I absolutely loved their story and so before I knew it, I was booking my flight and packing my bag to New York.

And for the remainder of this post, I will be using “B&G” (bride and groom) to reference their names.

We all know the weather in February in New York City is not the most ideal for weddings, however, in this case, I feel it made it all the more magical and memorable of an experience. I was also really excited to share this trip with two of my favorite friends and vendors, Lisa Konecny with E-Events and Jeffrey Stoner with Stoner Video. With the weather forecast calling for the second major blizzard this Winter hitting the DAY our couple was tying the knot, Lisa, Jeffrey, and I began preparing to make our trek up to snowy NYC with hopes that we would get up there and not stuck on the runway. Thankfully, with Lisa’s intuition, we decided to leave a day earlier than planned and luckily, we made it safe and sound. As we drove into the city, we had the chance to meet up with Jay Casiano, the amazing florist who owns Flowers of Winter Park and also owns and operates a flower company in NYC called The Plant Shed. Grateful to be in the city, Jay treated us all to Mama Mexico, some of the best Mexican food I’ve had in the city!! There, we were welcomed with 3 shots of tequila and the best guacamole I’ve had in a while! Yes, I said, 3 shots of tequila. Apparently Lisa, Jeffrey, and I didn’t know what we were getting into when hanging out with Jay. I normally don’t take shots and I was a little fearful that I was not going to be a happy camper the next morning, but I have to tell you, I felt like a million dollars the next day!

As the blizzard came through that evening, I woke up and looked out my hotel room onto Times Square and everything was pure white. Not many people were out on the streets and there was a really peaceful silence about it all. Wedding day was here, and it was time to document the happy couple’s day! So there were two things, okay, three things that I was obsessed with. 1. The brides’ STUNNING dress! 2. Her FABULOUS Stewart Weitzman shoes 3. Her vintage bird cage veil to top it all off! Thank you!!! I’m such a shoe gal so you will see below that I had to put a lot of images of the shoes in this post. Sorry boys. The ceremony was perfect. Spontaneous and sweet. The bride and groom looked amazing and despite the blizzard, it was one of the most magical weddings I’ve witnessed. After the ceremony, the family hung out and drank wine. Everyone was so kind and talkative. Jeffrey and I took the B&G all around the hotel and captured some fabulous portraits. They loved the black and white floor and I made sure to implement that into their portraits.

The next day, we all headed to Central Park to begin our Day After Session. Lisa and I had to make a stop at Macy’s first to purchase our own pair of snow boots, as our shoes and socks were wet from all the snow. Poor Jeffrey had to sit and help us pick out which pair of boots as we couldn’t decide. Lisa ended up buying the ones I liked and I ended up buying the pair that she liked. Go figure. I am now the proud owner of my first pair of alligator green wells!!! We couldn’t have picked a better day to photograph in Central Park. The blizzard had stopped and now everyone was out playing in the snow. I was shooting about a foot and a half and it was such a great feeling to be out in Central Park and doing what I love to do best! The B&G did such a great job with all the snow and cold weather. They truly were amazing to work with and I hope that you two enjoy these memories for years to come. I can for sure say that I truly had a memorable time hanging with dear friends and photographing in my favorite city. It couldn’t have gotten better. Great friends, amazing clients, awesome food…I heart NYC!! xoxo-Abby

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