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“Drenched in Love” – Miriam and Mark’s engagement session in the lovely Savannah, Georgia…

I believe it was back in October this past year when I came down with a bad cold. I decided to take the day off and work from my laptop while watching my favorite channel The Food Network. I was still taking phone calls and answering emails as I couldn’t afford to fall behind. I received a phone call from the sweetest southern woman named Janey in Athens, GA, with just the most sincere voice and excitement that her daughter, Miriam was getting married this June. I remember hearing the anxiety in her voice when she asked me if I was available for her daughter’s wedding. When I answered, “yes we are”, she became so relieved and began just gushing all about Miriam and her Fiance Mark and how special this wedding is. To me, this was such a breath of fresh air and one of my favorite things about my job. Getting the opportunity to sit on the other end of the line and hear the excitement and pure joy from talking about what will be one of the most life-changing events in their lives. I normally am hearing it from the bride herself, but in this case, I was hearing it from the Mother of the bride. I believe we spoke for quite some time and I felt like I knew Miriam and Mark and also Janey. A few days later, Janey called back and decided to book me right then and there. I was so excited to meet Miriam and Mark and I knew that their engagement session was going to be our first time meeting and hanging out.
Being that Miriam lives in Atlanta, and me being in Orlando, we decided that the perfect place for us to meet was the beautiful, charming town of Savannah. (My old Alma Mater by the way.) 🙂 The forecast for the day of the shoot called for rain, so Zak my fabulous photography assistant and I drove all around the historic district of Savannah to find a couple cool-looking umbrellas. Hey, when life hands your lemons, make lemonade! Sometimes, rain can be a cool element in the photo session. It has a romantic feel being huddled underneath an umbrella just the two of you. I was hoping the rain would let up to get some shots outside without the umbrellas, but that was not going to happen. Miriam and Mark were such great sports. They even brought their dog “Mack” along with for a few. What a sweetheart he was! As a photographer, challenges come our way when dealing with a rainy day and it’s all about problem-solving!! I like when a challenge faces me, because it makes me think more outside of the box for portraits. In Miriam and Mark’s case, we discovered a really cool wall of vintage apothecary drawers in the back corner of The Gryphon Tea Room (one of the “must-sees” when visiting Savannah.) Stacked up against the wall were these bright orange wooden chairs and the floor was of a distressed pine with tons of texture. Case-in-point: a perfect place to get some amazingly great shots. And I probably wouldn’t have even seen this if it weren’t raining. After that, we walked a little bit more with our umbrellas in hand and snapped around a few more places. We ended our shoot at The Soho South Cafe on Liberty Street. I had arranged with the manager to use the cafe for a few minutes to give us a backup plan in case the rain didn’t stop. Glad I did that, because it didn’t. The cafe was decorated with a majorly eclectic feel with missed-matched retro tables and chairs, chandeliers, and tons of random artwork. It reminded me a LOT of Anthropology except less “corporate”. There we photographed them by the soda bar, then over to a really old vintage “character machine” which I thought was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I stepped on it, but it didn’t tell me anything. Wonder if I should be worried. When we finished, we all walked over to The Six Pence Pub and had a beer and talked all about how they met and their wedding. You never know what the engagement session will bring out. For Miriam and Mark and I, it allowed us to finally meet and work together, and despite the rain, I am in LOVE with what we created. Thanks you two and looking forward to your big day in June!! xo -Abby

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  • Flavia Borges - abby, every time I come here to look at your new sessions you managed to take my breath away! EVERY single time!!!haha Love these photos! you are incredibly talented!!

  • debbie gloria smith - I love all the colors and textures!!

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