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Turning up the heat with Lilly and Jason’s Winter Park Engagement Session…

This E-session with Lilly and Jason was absolutely brilliant. Because of their living in different places, I ended up having the consultation with only Jason. This was funny seeing as normally its the bride that I work with first, so it was great to finally put a face to a name with Lilly in October for our shoot. Even though it was incredibly hot, we decided to start at Rollins College in Winter Park because of the amazing architecture of the school. Lilly wore her fun red heals and props to Jason for wearing that suit! We had a blast looking for cool doorways and arches to shoot in. After we wrapped up at the College, we headed across the street to Park Ave. Which, rain or shine is one of my favorite local places to shoot. Jason kept the session full of laughter with his incredible wit and it was so fun to get to know Lilly as we gabbed about her dress for the wedding during our clothing change (which sounds absolutely fabulous.) Jason and Lilly are a funny and light-hearted couple and I can totally see why they are so in love. Getting to know the both of them was truly a pleasure and I am so fortunate to get to do their wedding in Apopka next June! Till next time! XOXO abby 🙂













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  • Charla Folsom - These photos are absolutely amazing and soooo beautiful. Lilly and Jason you guys look so cute and happy in these pictures. I wish you both much happiness in the future.

  • Sanjanette Scott - I know Lilly and Jason. and through your photography, you have managed to capture who they really are and what they mean to each other. I can see the seriousness, the playfulness, the love and devotion. They are on my Top 5 list of couples who know the true meaning of marriage. I wish them every happiness and success.

  • Quanny - These are amazing! I can’t wait to feel the love in person! Congrats Lilly and Jason, love you guys! I’m already crying! Kleenex, please!

  • Nikke - Stunning photos of the happy couple! (Love the shoes!) Both look happy and full of love for each other! Beautiful! Wishing them all the happiness in the world~

  • Tami Cinquemani - Beautiful photography – beautiful couple. Greatest blessings to you!

  • Andrele - I love it! The pictures are beautiful! You guys look so happy and so in love! Lilly you look stunning and the shoes are fabulous!

  • Joann - Lilly and Jason,

    I am so excited -I cant wait for the wedding after seeing these photos! Lovely natural light…Rollins College or not, there is love in the air-your facial expressions make the pictures come alive.


  • Heidi Tastet - Beautiful pictures!! So happy they came out so well. Thanks for sharing.


  • Tracey Gainor - These pictures are truly amazing. Although I have not yet had the privilege to meet Lilly, the pictures capture a spirit that makes me ecstatic that my dear friend Jason has found his soulmate!!!! I’m pleased to welcome her into my world of loved ones. I love the way the pictures capture Jason’s silliness, devotion and generosity of heart. Well done. Blessings to the happy couple. Those sentiments being expressed, I respectfully request that the wedding date be moved to tomorrow – so that I can see more beautiful pictures.

  • Jennifer G - I love the pictures and Lilly, your shoes are hot!!

  • Odel Powell - Simply beautiful

  • Siobhan Gordon - This pictures are gorgeous. I am so happy for my big bro, Jason!!! May God continue to bless you both as you prepare to become husband and wife. Lily, I am so excited to meet you. By the way, I love your shoes : ) So shoe shopping might have to happen when we meet, Jason can come if he wants…lol : )

  • BEVERLY CONSTANT - Jason and Lilly simply amazing????????? Jason your personality is seen in every shot. Love is your eyes. Congrats.

  • BEVERLY CONSTANT - Jason and Lilly simply amazing????????? Jason your personality is seen in every shot. Love is in your eyes. Congrats.

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