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Jennifer & Jorge’s Wedding – July 11th, 2009

Happy Sunday to all! I have much blogging to do and next on my list is Jennifer and Jorge’s gorgeous and non-rainy July wedding! Can you believe it?! No rain! Crazy I know. Their wedding was held at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs and then reception was held at the beautiful Buena Vista Palace. As you can see….I was slightly OBSESSED with Jennifer’s shoes. 🙂 Who can blame a girl? Heather Ahrens, my fabulous second photographer that day perfectly documented all the details and candid moments happening all around her. I was very pleased with the grounds at the Buena Vista Palace. There were lots of areas to do portraits in which makes us photogs very happy. 🙂 Jennifer wore an amazing Kenneth Pool dress from Solutions Bridal Designer House and the talented Simone Rosas from Makeover Station made all the ladies makeup look flawless. The color scheme with their flowers was one of my favorites! Beautiful tones of cream and blush pink made up Jennifer’s bouquet. Morning Glory Florist did a superb job I must say. All their friends and family had a blast at their reception with great music played by the great people at Soundwave Entertainment. The cake provided by Bake Me A Cake, I have to say was Jennifer’s favorite part of the reception. A woman after my own heart. Normally, when the couple cuts the cake, they take a little bite of it and then set it down, never to remember how it tasted. And by that time, it’s all been eaten by the guests. Not my girl Jen! She properly ate every bite of that cake! Go Jen! Never take chocolate away from a girl….especially a bride for that matter! Thanks Jennifer and Jorge and all the vendors that helped make their day unforgettable. xo – Abby


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