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Sneak Peek from my next wedding post! Jessica & Matt 03.13.09

Hey guys! So I am taking off to my hometown of Sarasota to join in the celebration of my best friend, Jenn’s wedding! Here is a link to their engagement slide show that I photographed for them in Louisville, KY back in August. I can’t believe my Jenny is getting married! We’re all growing up so fast! And yes, I am a bridesmaid. I just might post a few images of the big day! In the meantime, I have so much to blog and so little time. Up next on the blog is Jessica and Matt’s wedding!! I Here is one of my favorite images from their day back in March. I am rushing around and have a huge list of things to do, so I can’t post the whole thing, but I promise I will next week! Enjoy this beautiful weather all and I’ll catch you on the flip side! xo-Abby


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