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Christina and Ronnie’s Marco Island Wedding! 8.30.08

So you obviously can see that I’m trying to catch up on my blogging!! Ahh! It just keeps piling up!! I ended my Summer with some great weddings and amazing couples! One in particular was Christina and Ronnie. Since she’s located up in Atlanta and he’s here in Orlando, I was very grateful that I got the chance to finally meet them two weeks before their big day to photograph a few engagement photos. All I would say about them is that they’re adorable and so down to earth. The wedding was held in Marco Island at the beautiful Marriott Beach Resort. My second shooter, Zekeshem and I trekked down the night before. This was all going on when Hurricane Gustav was just to the west of us in the Gulf. Luckily, everything was still on, we just couldn’t do cocktail hour outside on the terrace. Oh well! If that’s the worst thing that happened with a huge hurricane next to us, than we’re doing pretty darn good! Here are a few images from their lovely wedding. Now the next step is to get Christina to move down here to Orlando! Thanks again guys for such a great evening!












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  • Zekeshem - Gorgeous! I love the trolley, those came out great. You’d never know there was a hurricane blowin’ around out there!

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