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Erica and Luis – Engagement Session – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 6.13.08

June was such a wonderful month! After our trip to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and Tricia and Matt’s wedding, we headed back down to Puerto Rico to beautiful Old San Juan to photograph Sharie and Alberto’s wedding!! Lucas Draper and Heather Ahrens accompanied me on the trip to help in covering their wedding. They called for rain all weekend, but I didn’t see a drop! While we were there, Erica and Luis, one of Sharie’s friends, asked me to photograph their engagement session. They’re getting married August 8th in Minnesota. Luis is from Puerto Rico, so they thought it would be nice to incorporate a little bit of his heritage into their wedding. And that’s where I came in! The afternoon before Sharie and Alberto’s wedding, Erica, Luis, Heather, and I set out on the beautiful town of Old San Juan to get some fabulous, colorful photos of them.



DSC_8595This is from Heather’s point of view…






Heather shoots Canon and I shoot Nikon. Throughout the whole shoot, we kept switching cameras and playing around with them. So much fun and a little bit of a challenge! This is a nice one that she shot. Thanks Heath!

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  • Studio222 Photography - Gorgeous! It looks like such a beautiful place to visit!

  • Heather Ahrens - so much fun!

  • Michelle - I just love all the bright colors. You captured this so beautifully.

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