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Style Report: Liga’s Top Bridesmaid Looks

In my decade of experience in the wedding industry, it’s been so cool to see how the scope of bridesmaid looks has grown and evolved each year. Now, there are more options than ever for how to dress your wedding party. Bridesmaids are more stylish than ever these days, which only adds to the chic-factor of your day 🙂

Some brides stick to one style, and one color of dress. Others pick the color, and let their ladies select a dress that best suits them. Some decide on an ombre color scheme, and each member of the party can pick the shade that suits her best.

I love how this can be a chance to showcase not only your style as the bride, but also lets the personality of your best friends and loved ones shine through! Everyone looks more beautiful when they’re in a look that they love.

Here’s a wide variety of looks that Liga Bridesmaids have ROCKED throughout the years…Enjoy! 🙂





Bridesmaid Looks_0004Bridesmaid Looks_0005

Bridesmaid Looks_0009

Bridesmaid Looks_0010

Bridesmaid Looks_0011


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