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The Confidential Workshop 2014!!

The first ever Confidential Workshop was a huge success and we are excited to share all of the details from this amazing photography retreat!! The Confidential Workshop is geared towards instilling confidence in the attendees’ personal style through challenging photo shoots, round table discussions and individual artist critiques. In the 2 full days spent with Abby Liga, the attending photographers are faced with difficult photo shoots placing them out of their comfort zone in efforts to build their levels of confidence in their shooting skills. Additionally, the workshop examines the key elements of favorable business practices in areas such as branding, marketing and client-vendor relationships with industry professional speakers. The attendees’ walk away with an understanding of their weaknesses and strengths and are set on a path towards developing their unique style as well as strengthening their positions in the marketplace.


I feel renewed and refreshed. I feel as if I have gained a little more confidence in myself and have a clearer path as to where I want my future to be with photography. It has given me inspiration. I am actually excited again about photography and know this is where I am meant to be. I have to brush up and reconnect on a few paths that I got a little lost but The Confidential reminded me and gave me the push I needed.”

– Bumby Grimm

Day 1 of The Confidential Workshop: As the caravan approached the Confidential location, the workshop attendee’s minds soared as they winded along back country roads. As they reached Gissy Springs and were set free to wander and explore, their imaginations came alive with possibilities of shoot ideas for Day 1 of The Confidential Workshop. After receiving a quick orientation and a demonstration they met the models and started a full day of shooting. Four different scenarios (dressed by Calvet Couture Bridal and Absolutely Fitting) and a whole playground of beautiful Florida nature with the guidance of Abby along the way made for a wonderful day out on location. The photographers headed off at the end of the day with full memory cards and an excitement of what Day 2 would bring.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos of Day 1!


“I LOVED the workshop between shooting, learning, and then having the time after each day to really be able to reflect on it with everyone that attended was fantastic. I also really appreciated the small group atmosphere, I feel like largely groups can be so intimidating.” 

-Ashley Razo

Day 2 of The Confidential Workshop: After a quick breakfast, Abby lead the group through a critique of their pre-picked and edited top 5 images. What was collected from the group astonished everybody. The talent of each individual had managed to be so unique that even with the same 5 models and a full day together in groups, every photograph was beautifully different. The rest of the day continued with exceptionally helpful seminars on client relations, marketing, and branding by Abby Liga and owner of 2U Collection Amy Morelli. Lisa Stoner, owner and CEO of E-Events, joined the pair for individual mentoring sessions where the attendees could gain personalized insight and guidance.

The group shared a warm farewell dinner at the fabulous Cocina 214 and received SWAG bags complete with items from our wonderful sponsors! Overall the two day grass-roots style workshop was a huge success. We enjoyed getting to have a hand in the building of confidence that the attendee’s experienced in shooting, selling, and overall business practices. We look forward to getting to hear about their future successes and continuing the wonderful relationships we have made with our sponsors and attendee’s alike.

Here are some behind the scenes images of Day 2!


From top to bottom: The whole gang at the Reception Dinner, Amy Morelli teaching on Marketing and Branding, and Group critique


“It definitely exceeded my expectations, from the moment I got the beautiful packaging in the mail to when we opened our “swag” bags and drank wine by the fire on the last night. I had such a great time!”

– Lyndsay Rae


A huge shout out to all of our sponsors who made this day a possibility!


Calvet Couture

Makeup On Hand

Fairbanks Florist

Colonial Photo and Hobby

Finao Albums

Think Tank

Let Us Frame It

Get Lit

Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

2u Collection

Paper Couture


Stoner Video

Absolutely fitting

CreatePro Legal Forms

White House Custom Colour

BMG Models

PROPS Photog Forum

Below are a few favorites from Abby Liga’s camera…

LIG_6169-2LIG_6117-2LIG_6009 2-2LIG_5904 2-2Conf_Collage_6-2Conf_Collage_5-2Conf_Collage_4-2Conf_Collage_2-2Conf_Collage_1


Here are the images from our wonderful Confidential Workshop Attendees!

Lyndsay Rae : LydsayRae Photography




Sarah Bray: Sarah Bray Photography



Bumby Grimm: Bumby Photography



Ashley Razo: Ashley Jane Photography



Belinda Perkins: Captured by Belinda Photography 


Can’t wait until next year when The Confidential Workshop turns 1!

XO, Abby


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