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You Tube Video Series – Video #1: Confidence Through Communication

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my the first ever video from my new You Tube video series! This video discusses my Top 5 Ways to Get Your Subjects to Relax in Front of the Camera. This is an addition to my original Top 10 Ways blog post I wrote back in June. In these videos, I will be offering helpful tips from anything and everything wedding and portrait photography related. Over the years, I have received a good amount of questions from photographers wanting to learn more about how to make their photography business more successful. I decided to take my past experiences and knowledge from what’s in my camera bag to how to impress clients. I am happy to share everything that I have learned with my fellow photography industry! If you are interested in keeping up with my series, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates on my newest video releases. Also, be sure to check back here on the Inner Circle blog for all things Liga Photography!

xoxo – Abby



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