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“Love Amongst the Ruins” – Jessica and Russ’s Carefree Day After Session – St. George, Bermuda

The day after Jess and Russ’s amazing Fort Hamilton wedding, the newlyweds got back in their dress and tux to get ready for some one-on-one time with yours truly. We headed to what is titled “The Unfinished Church”, an abandoned church in the town of St. George Bermuda. Back in 1897, construction of the church started due to the nearby St. Peters church badly being damaged. Parishioners argued that it would cost more to built the new church instead of repair the damaged one. Hence construction of the church was halted and now stands this amazing architectural skeleton with endless areas to shoot. Afterwards, we headed over to St. Peters church to finish their session on the historic brick steps leading up to its facade.  Getting these beautiful portraits in these historic settings was the perfect way to end the celebration of their wedding. Below are some of my favorites from our shoot. You can really see the happiness and carefree attitude they exuded.

xoxo – Abby




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