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Unwavering Love: The Wedding Story of Nikki and Chris – Carlouel Yacht Club, Clearwater Beach, FL

When you think of the two words true love, you might think of two people on the cover of some cheesy Nicholas Sparks novel or maybe one of those couples in the engagement ring commercials. One of the joys that I have in my profession is I get to see the real true love between two people, not just fluff you see on the bookshelves or tv. I met Nikki and Chris on April 13th in Clearwater Beach where all of their wedding festivities were to take place. The weather was horrible the evening before and the forecast for Saturday did not look good. Thankfully, all worked out as all we had were blue skies and fair temperatures. Nikki was as cool as a cucumber peacefully getting her hair done at her Parent’s house while all of her other bridesmaids were at the salon getting their done. Quite a smart idea! Their ceremony was held at The House of Prayer a beautiful church with vast gardens and waterfalls. Just before the ceremony, we secured a private area where Nikki gave her blindfolded Groom-to-be a kiss telling him that she love him and can’t wait to marry him. Again, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen love quite so pure. After the ceremony, Nikki and Chris released doves and read some personal vows to each other. The reception was held under a monumental white tent nestled perfectly amongst the white sand on Clearwater Beach. Several gigantic crystal chandeliers hung from the middle of the tent while the orange and purple uplighting cast deep hues against the tent walls. First dances, a performance by Grammy Award Winner Billy Dean, and even a serenade by Nikki’s Father made this reception truly unforgettable. I wish you all of the best Nikki and Chris! You two are such beautiful people inside and out.

xoxo – Abby

A special thank you to my fabulous second photographer Jessica Friend for all of your hard work!

CEREMONY:  House of Prayer

RECEPTION:  Carlouel Yacht Club

PLANNER:  Shannon Wilson of Tabel 6 Productions




HAIR:   Salon Gaboa

MAKEUP:  Colors by Linny


Nikki writing her letter to Chris..

And showing off her robe in all her hot roller glory.

“I Do!”

Chris and his groomsmen relaxing before getting ready

Some details of the House of Prayer, truly a peaceful place.

Nikki and her Aunt getting her gown on, she was all smiles.

This sweet moment happened just before the walk down the aisle, love the blindfold.

Nikki and her adorable ring bearer, he couldn’t get any cuter!


“Dum, dum, da dum!”


Love the way Chris looks at Nikki, pure happiness.

One of my all time favorites from today. Love the way you can see the joy on Nikki’s face.

Dove release!

Lovely periwinkle colors…

Which contrasts nicely with the tuxedos.

Chris is so cute, he can barely contain his excitement!

The beach was the perfect temp complete with a slight breeze. Here’s a handsome portrait of our Groom.

Some favorites of sweet Nikki and her fabulous bouquet.

A little laughter and cardio never hurt a bride and groom!

Love this look

And they even had their dog “Sage” make a cameo.

Tent pitched, time to party! Love all of the purple, green, and ivory details.

Their cocktail hour was filled with wine and the sounds of steel drums…my ideal beach setting.

Billy Dean performed for their first dance…so sweet!

Love me some chandeliers.

Nikki’s Father serenading the happy couple with a song he wrote just for her.

More gorgeous details…





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