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Jenn and David’s New Beginning

Spring has sprung and the world is changing. We are all enjoying the smell of orange blossoms, birds chirping ,and fresh starts are happening all around us.  One of the most angelic new beginnings of all is welcoming a new baby into the world. Capturing the excitement and anticipation of a soon-to-be Mom and Dad is always a delight due to the fact that there is nothing entirely like it. The new parents’ energy fills each frame with a feeling that cannot be adequately expressed in words, but comes bursting through in photography. Jenn and David’s maternity session was an exquisite example of the vitality the photographs can have as a result of the anticipation of a new beginning.We are happy to say Jenn and David welcomed a handsome and healthy baby boy, Mateo, into the world shortly after we had the opportunity to capture this session, and they are now embarking on the life long journey together.



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