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“Love at first drive”…Amanda and Alex’s Engagement Portraits – Winter Park, Florida

Engagement sessions are some of the best times I can experience with clients. Without a wedding time line over our heads, we are able to cut loose, kick back, and have fun.  Which is the perfect recipe for a successful E-Session.  And when you add a fabulous prop as the classic vintage Rolls Royce you see below, even more magic happens!  Amanda and Alex are a lot like a Rolls actually.  Both are classic in style, both have appreciation for timeless details, and both are a whole lot of fun to be around. I would say it’s love at first drive. And to be even more philosophical, a Rolls Royce is a lot like a marriage too. You must be patient, move forward at a steady pace, respect the engineering, and really slow down before going over speed bumps. I could go on, but I think it’s best we just get to the good stuff below…

  xoxo – Abby

How can you not love a classic Rolls?

Introducing Amanda and Alex…

…fun-loving, stylish, smart, and adorable.

Practicing their first dance…

I’ve learned there are many ways to photograph in and around the Rolls…

…and add some beautiful afternoon sun, and we’re golden!

A classic portrait.

Loving her pink shoes!

Sun roof love…

Kicking back with the Sunday Times…One of their favorite things to do.

Through the window…

…and peeking in the car door.

Wedding bells are near!

A classic gentleman.

What would this shoot be if we didn’t add some vintage suitcases to boot?

Until then…

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