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A little “film love” from France…

One of the best gifts in the world is sending “mystery film” to the lab and stumbling upon some great photographs that you completely forgot you took.  I had several rolls of 120mm film, for those of you who don’t know, that’s film for a medium format camera. Here are a couple of my favorites from my trip to France last May for Elizabeth Messina’s “A Lovely Workshop”. They are of the fabulous Myra Callan, owner of the amazing headpiece and accessory designer company, Twigs and Honey. We photographed these in an old 17th Century cemetery in St. Julien, I’ars…so pretty.  xoxo – Abby



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  • Amy Morelli - looks great..very atherial in a haunting way.. That’s a compliment.. I just can’t seem to find the right words…

  • Melanie Watson - these are so lovely Abby.

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