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And Baby Makes Three…

Isn’t it funny how time flies? This is a perfect example of that….below are images of my very old dear friend Jodi and her Husband Mike, and Son, Grayson…

I can remember her and I having slumber parties when we were little, making prank phone calls, and giggling about boys. Fast-forward to high school where we were on the dance-team together, going to football games, and keg parties….then college, photographing her Wedding, and now her Family… It is such a beautiful thing and gift to have the opportunity to document these amazing moments. It makes me feel like a proud sis and I am in awe of how precious life is… There is one thing about Jodi that I will never forget and will always be indebted to her: When I was 15, my parents divorced which was really hard to handle as a teen girl and as the youngest in my family. I was stuck there to witness a lot of it and can remember feeling helpless many times. Jodi, being a child of divorced parents and also a very strong girl at such a young age, was my shoulder to cry on and my rock at the same time. Looking back it’s crazy to see how mature she was at 15. And now…looking at her life, I will say she is very blessed and deserves every bit of happiness to come. So, thank you Jodi for being there for me when I needed it, as I am here for you. Funny the women we have grown to be…. xoxo – Abby


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  • Jodes - Abby,

    Old friends are definitely the best, eh? You have photographed every one of my most important life events and I can’t put into words what an infinite gift that is. Thank you for documenting, so unabashedly, my life as it changes and grows. I will forever cherish the images, and our friendship.

    Your friend,

  • Katie Rattray - This is amazing Abby! I can not deal with how cute this little man is. The picture of him in his hat makes me want to have a baby tomorrow. Such great pictures!

  • admin - Thanks Katie! xoxo

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