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“Day Dreaming” – The Elegant Wedding of Abby and Kyle – April 10th – Casa Feliz Winter Park, FL

Nothing like two fabulous back-to-back weddings at my favorite venue here in Orlando. Throughout these past two weddings, you can see why I love the property so much. Not only is the staff friendly and accommodating, the architecture and history alone make this venue unique. Abby and Kyle, one of the cutest couples I’ve known, tied the knot a couple weeks ago and celebrated with their family and friends. I’ve been so blessed to have such amazing clients such as Abby and Kyle and to be a part of their day. One of the best things about their wedding was that it all took place during the day. I have to agree that this is a great way to go. Starting things earlier allows you to spend more time with your husband and enjoying your day, rather than starting the festivities in the evening. I met up with Abby getting ready at her parent’s lovely home in Winter Park. I was obsessed with the beautiful and eclectic decor. From the old paintings on the walls to the perfectly placed tea cups and vintage-styled wallpaper. LOVE. IT. ALL.!!! 🙂 And Abby’s Rivini gown fit her like a glove. Her made of honor and twin sister Christy helped with her finishing touches, which was one of my favorite moments of the day. During Christy’s speech at the reception, she mentioned that being sister’s is one thing, but having a twin is a whole other level of connection. It tugged on everyone’s hearts, especially Dad’s, how she was explaining the relationship between her and Abby. And these girls are not “criers”, but it was impossible to hold back tears when talking about such a special relationship. Kudos to Christy for an amazing speech. 🙂 The decor of Abby and Kyle’s wedding had one solid theme throughout the day and that was incorporating the color Orange into every aspect of design. The reason why is because Kyle is color blind and Orange is the only color he can see. You can tell throughout the images that orange was used exceptionally well in all of their floral and other details. Another one of my favorite moments was the Scottish bagpipers that her parent’s surprised Abby and Kyle and all the guests with. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day wedding. Everyone stopped what they were doing and headed outside following the sounds of the bagpipers standing outside the house practically serenading the audience. I have to admit that I get choked up when I hear bagpipes play. It was hard not to cry when listening to such amazing music. The reception ended around 6pm and everyone headed to the after party at Circa Restaurant on Park Ave. I left their wedding loving my job and with a smile on my face. Thanks to Abby and Kyle and their beautiful families for making their wedding experience so special. A special thanks to the following vendors who made this wedding a truly lovely event. Amanda McCammon Photography, Tickled Pink Brides, Lee Forrest Designs, DJ Fun Factory, Arthur’s Catering, Casa Feliz, Knockout Artistry, Joshua Englert, and St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church.

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  • Luigi | Vinyl Banners - I love the drama effect of the photos and they are all natural. 🙂 I appreciate less choreography on the shots. That’s indeed a great job.

  • Brittany - Sigh…. I love this wedding! Thank you for capturing such perfect images of Abby and Kyle’s day.

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