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Real Fashion: Liga Photography featured in Ines Del Mar Magazine!

Last May I was approached by Ines Del Mar Magazine and asked to photograph a real bride modeling 5 different designer wedding gowns. This is how I met Jennifer and got the opportunity to photograph her wedding held last December. (See blog post below.) Natalie and I flew down to beautiful Isabela, Puerto Rico to meet Jennifer and to capture her in these beautiful gowns. What my challenge was with dealing with a “Real Bride” is something that I face on Saturdays. “How was I going to connect with Jennifer and make her relaxed enough to give me the images that I needed?” Natalie and I got in at 3am and had to be ready to shoot by 7am. We met Sofia, the editor, and headed down to our first location, the beautiful Villa Montana Beach Resort. There I met Jennifer along with her Mom and future Mother-in-law. She immediately went right into makeup and hair while Sofia and I scoped out locations. It was very easy considering the backdrop given to me. I could tell Jennifer was very excited and nervous. This was her first time modeling and the pressure was on. I realized that all I needed to do was approach her like she was one of my brides. I immediately started shooting the breeze with her and just trying to get to know her. From that point on, I just decided to have fun which loosened her up. This approach is what works for me. I feel it is SO important to try and relate with my clients. Just trying to get to know them better is key in getting those great, natural images. And it worked with Jennifer. By the end of the two-day shoot, we were so in sync with one another everything just flowed. I instilled encouragement in her and she instilled her trust in me. It’s definitely a give and take when photographing people. It doesn’t just “happen”, we both have to bring something to the table. A little part of our soul. It’s a powerful thing that occurs and there are no words to describe. This photo shoot was successful and not only portrays pretty pictures, but it also displays the connection between bride and photographer. Feel free to pick up this mag at Barnes and Noble Bookstores and other similar locations.

Real Fashion 5

Real Fashion 5-2

Real Fashion 5-3

Real Fashion 5-4

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