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The Glitz. The Glamour. and The Reveal. – E-Events and Liga Photography’s Office Warming Party a success!!

Ahhh and that’s how the headlines read! So it’s the morning after Lisa and my office warming party and let’s just say that I’m still in my dress and my makeup is still on. That’s how quickly I wanted to blog to tell everyone how great it was and to thank all the friends that came to celebrate with us! The office has been a work in progress since June, but now it’s fine tuned and looking FAB-U-LOUS!! I wanted to personally thank all the wonderful companies that joined together to make the night so memorable and fun! Here’s my props: The amazing Jeffrey from Jeffrey Stoner Video, Amy Morelli with The 2U Collection, Alicia Zutter from Alicia Zutter Designs, Jay and Aaron from Flowers of Winter Park, Awny from Unique Option, Rashida with BBJ Linen, Tommy Hart from American Audio Visual, Kevin with Moore Fine Foods, and Natalie from Knockout Artistry. Great food, music, people, and great times! Here’s the slide show from last night! Make sure your volume is up! 😉

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  • Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer - Your studio is BEAUTIFUL!!! So diffrent and fun! and the party looks like it was a blast.

  • Green Iris Studios - Congrats on your new studio. It looks great. I like the interior design. Definitely Glamour!!

    Frank Philip
    Green Iris Studios

  • Brittany - I love watching the slideshow! Beautiful people, beautiful party, such a fun night. Maybe we should make it a quarterly event…?

  • Debbie - I’m sorry we missed your office warming party, it looked awesome! However, the pope says “Wasssup!” We’ll most def have to check it out the next time we’re in town!

  • heather - Abby Liga…That confirms it! YOU ARE amazing!!! I am so proud of you and I send you all my love & Congrats to you in Orlando! I wish I could have been there to see you shine. I want to come visit your new studio and check out this fantastic accomplishment in person. It looks just like you: stylish, chic, and beautiful…Love ya Abs, and I will be seeing you in December! Very soon! Love, Heather

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