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Lavish boutique and Liga Photography!!

Hey all! Wanted to post these and I’ve been meaning to for a while. But, I’ve fallen a little behind so here goes. A local fabulous lingerie and bedding boutique called “Lavish” located in beautiful downtown Winter Park, (right around the corner from my office), asked me to photograph there line for their new marketing materials. I was super excited because this allowed me to incorporate some of my boudoir photography in with advertising! We had such a great shoot and Jennifer, the owner of Lavish, was a dream to work with! Not to mention all the peeps who help put this together. Here are just a couple images from the shoot. I’m mad that I didn’t bring a little video cam to document how fun the day was! To all of you locals, go check her store out! I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the decor. And for you non-locals, if you’re ever in town…..


Lavish -1006B

Lavish -1029

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  • Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer - These are awesome! But I am absolutly in love with the last one. So delicate and beautiful! Love.It.!

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