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A thumbs up from Jeffrey…I feel so special!!

This Fall we had the honor of getting to photograph our second cover for Playground Magazine, A hip and sophisticated parenting magazine here in Central Florida! Jeffrey Stoner put this image on Face Book so I HAD to blog it too!! This is a pic of him in a bookstore where he found the mag! He also noted to me to please excuse his $5 sweat shirt that he purchased in an emergency effort to get warm at the restaurant he was eating at beforehand. Don’t worry Jeffrey! I know your style is better than that! 🙂 Thanks for showing us some support!!


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  • Zekeshem - Woohoo!! GO ABBY! 😀 (Lovin’ the sweatshirt! LOL)

  • Sabrina James - This is hilarious! 🙂 Haha… A thumbs up! I love it!

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